About Cate

Cate Dixon

Cate has always loved books. Growing up in a small rural community, reading allowed her to travel to different places and meet people so different than those living around her. Every book was like a bus ticket out of town. Sometimes the trip would be an adventure with a happy ending, other times it would be soul-searching and heartache. Now all grown up,she is the driver for others who want their own ticket out of town.

After high school, she left her small community to attend college to become the next Barbara Walters. Many jobs later, she decided to chase her other dream – being a writer.

Cate lives in North Carolina in a town a little bigger than the one she grew up in, but there are still days where she finds herself driving 20 mph behind a big green tractor. She shares her days there with her family, a laid-back cat and a very demanding dachshund.