Solo Tripping


I love exploring new places and meeting new people. Two years ago, I was approaching a major milestone. The big 5-0.

Fifty is a liberating number. By this age you have learned what really matters in your life and you own who you are. What others think be damn. Yes for some of us, it can take a while to get to this point of self discovery.

Fifty is also a time of reflection. You realize there is still a lot of living to be done. We find we have more time to take care of ourselves, invest time in the things we have pushed to the side and yes, we have a few more dollars in our pockets to make those things happen. That when we start a life list or some call a bucket list. I really prefer the first one. Life implies living, bucket, well you know, not so much.

First thing on my life list was solo traveling. Several friends had shared their experiences of traveling on their own. I became so intrigued with the idea of going to new places by myself I decided  to make my 50th the year of my first solo trip.

This August, I will head out to explore the Midwest, West and Southwest parts of the US for three weeks. Some of it planned, other parts I am waiting to see where the highway will lead me. I do know the best part will be the people I meet along the way. Every year, I meet strangers who become friends.

This year I will blog my way cross country. Each day I’ll post an update on where I am, what I am doing and who I am meeting. Be sure to sign up for my blogs or you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can check out pictures from my previous solo trips at Cate Dixon Photo Blog  2017 I visited Iceland, England and Spain. 2016 I hiked the Grand Canyon.

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